Hello peoples...... I'm Alex. I do the cosplay.


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~~Dragon Con selfies~~

Anonymous: can you explain what a trigger is please

not to seem rude, but I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there (including my friend (meowwstics) ) who could explain it a lot better than I… and you could always google it?

Name: madi
Gender: genderfluid, but mostly feminine lol
Height: like 5’3 with boots on o:
Orientation: panromantic but asexual lol
Age: 3 months young
Eye Color: rly dark brown
Hair Color: purple and blackk
Smoking?: nope
Drinking?:also nope
Drugs?: triple nope
Job: breathing
Favorite Color: indigo or purple tbh
Favorite Band: i really like bring me the horizon and la dispute tbh
Siblings: 5 brothers and 1 sister 
Tattoos?: i wanna get some later in life lmao
Favorite Book?: the uglies series omg
Perfect Date: i like doing simple stuff as long as im not bored tbh
Hobbies: cosplaying, art, listening to music, and petting cats c:
Why should I pick you?: ill always go out of my way to do little things to make u happy o:
Why do you even want to date me?: you seem super nice and really sweet and omg ur cute too *o*


daww and purple hair? that’s so cool bro!


The only nail polish for me

Datemate Application Thi ng

Name: Sierra (suuuper lame I know.)
Gender: F
Height: 5’2 on a good day
Orientation: Pan probably;; still tryin to figure that out.
Age: Probably still old enough to be a dorky.
Eye Color: Bluee; one of my eyes has a cool little dash of like orange-brown. So coo l.
Hair Color: Blonde
Smoking?: Nah
Drinking?: Nah
Drugs?: Nah.
Job: Professional cuddler and space waster.
Favorite Color: Red.. Blue? One of em.
Favorite Band: Get Scared; probably. Not too sure.
Siblings: One younger thing.
Tattoos?: Eventually.
Favorite Book?: Hm.. Leviathan I think.
Perfect Date: Anything that involves me not being too freaked out. Walking out in a field comtemplating humanity???
Hobbies: Comtemplating mortality, drawing, musics, being clingy, and sleeeeping.
Why should I pick you?: Because you’re pretty rad and I’m also pretty rad I t hink.
Why do you even want to date me?: ^?~

I t hink I did this right???


Get Scared is the shit bruhhhhhH


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im trash trash trash

Anonymous: i need to know your age! its like a pressing matter now!

uh, no you don’t? there is no logical reason as to why you would need to know my age.

Anonymous: haha. that's why i asked cause im like 5 too.

niceeee /5 yr old party//

Anonymous: what is your non 5 age?

excuse me, but why should that matter to you? hm?


Types of Matter

Anonymous: how old are you?

like 5 probably


crushes are great until you realize that they’ll never be interested in you